Bienvenue and welcome to Paris Gone By!  I’m Michelle Keel: Francophile, history enthusiast, and frequent Paris visitor who wants to share with you the incredible story of Paris.  Throughout the site, we’ll explore how Paris became Paris

Leaving no stone unturned or baguette uneaten, everything from the big monuments to the little cafes will be visited along the way.  And since Paris is always a good idea, travel information is included so you can experience the history yourself!  Or if you prefer, pull up a cup of coffee (or tea) and travel from the comfort of your home.  Or from work – I won’t tell.  😉 

More about Paris Gone By

Paris Gone By (PGB) is here to help the Paris lovers, the Francophiles, and the hopeful Parisian travelers learn more about the City of Light!  The primary focus is all things Paris History, but because Paris is part of the larger world, French history and beyond are included in the experience. 

You’ll notice the articles are labeled “Paris”, “Beyond Paris”, and “Beyond France” to help you navigate to your interests.  You can also find additional categories to suit your interest. Search for a particular topic from the main menu.

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More about Michelle

When I “met” Paris at the tender age of 18, it was love at first sight.  She was magical, beautiful, and mysterious.  I fell under her spell and had no desire to break it, promising myself that I would return as frequently as possible!  I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill that promise, falling more in love with her on each visit.

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Why historical and not modern Paris, you ask? First, I believe we can’t understand the present without knowing the past. Second, I love history. 😀 It developed into a passion of mine as a child.  We were a PBS family and history was a favorite topic in our house.  That passion has fueled many aspects of my life from travel to genealogy to owning a history library that overwhelms my tiny apartment. 

After a long, difficult period in my life including the loss of my parents and beloved pets, a divorce, a career change, and sundry adventures, I decided what I really wanted to do was share what I love:  Paris, history, and Paris history.  And voila!  Paris Gone By was born.  

I hope Paris Gone By helps you experience the history behind one of the most amazing cities in the world and inspires you to see her for yourself!

Merci Beaucoup!