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To take your support to the next level, there are several ways you can help through your actions and more directly with donations. Either way is incredible and I am deeply grateful that you are considering to support me through your time and money. Merci beaucoup from the bottom of my heart!

Support by Donation & Purchases

Amazon Affiliate Links

Full Disclosure: Paris Gone By [Michelle Keel] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Would you like to support Paris Gone By but money is a little tight? I completely understand! One easy way to help financially but not hurt your own bottom line is to use the Amazon affiliate links throughout the site (on the Resources page* and marked clearly in posts).

How does this work? If you see a book or other resource marked as an “affiliate link”, by using that link I may earn a small commission with your purchase. Never fear, the prices are the same for you. This is Amazon’s way to reward those driving traffic to their site. So it’s a win-win! Or a win-win-win? Either way, thank you for your help!

Please note that I only recommend resources that I myself have read, reviewed, used, etc. I also include a brief opinion of the product to help you understand why I recommend it.

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Direct Support

If you love Paris Gone By and would like to provide direct support through a donation, you rock! And you have two options for your donations:

If you would like to support the cause by buying me a coffee through Ko-Fi, click on this button. Here you can purchase (virtual) coffees at $5 each. Every little drop helps support PGB and helps me bring more history and information to enjoy during your own caffeine break. Thank you!

The Buy Me A Coffee Campaign is currently limited to intervals of $5. If you chafe at the bit of incremental donations, PayPal provides an alternative! Click on this button to make the donation.

Donation Details: Paris Gone By is not a non-profit organization. Your donations, while powerful, do not have tax-deduction powers and cannot be considered a charitable contribution for tax purposes. However, your donations will simply be your donations, there are no hidden fees for the donor. If you donate $20, you are charged $20. Easy peasy!

Currently, Ko-fi accepts PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. PayPal accepts…PayPal and Credit Cards (via PayPal).

Support by Action

There are many ways to support Paris Gone By with just your actions! It is as easy as watching the YouTube videos, checking out Instagram and Pinterest*, or visiting the website regularly. Good news! Right now you’re already supporting the cause–thank you!

To go a little further, you can subscribe to the podcasts on your platform of choice, subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow on social, or subscribe to the newsletter. Or do it all if you are feeling extra supportive! Every little bit helps me grow Paris Gone By.

For the bonus round, you can help spread the word by sharing videos, posts, pictures, etc. Spread the love and support PGB!

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Thank you for considering Paris Gone By worthy of your support! I am grateful for any and all support (even positive vibes!) as I develop PGB. Thank you all! πŸ˜€