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Quick Travel Update – June 18 2021

Well, that was fast! 😮

Nine days after opening back up to Americans–with restrictions–France has given us the green light! Americans (and our neighbors to the north) have been added to the Green List. Countries on the Green List are considered low risk and their citizens can enter with minimum restrictions.

What Does This Mean?

There are still different rules for vaccinated and not vaccinated people:

VACCINATED: You are free to enter with just your proof of vaccination. A PCR test is no longer required. As of now, your paper vaccination certificate should be accepted without trouble. Stay tuned for more on the digital health passports.

NOT VACCINATED: The quarantine requirement has been lifted. BUT you are still required have a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of travel in order to enter.

EVERYBODY: As of this writing, the U.S. is still requiring a negative PCR test for all people entering the United States. This includes fully vaccinated American citizens. Check out this article on getting a PCR test in France.

GIANT CAVEAT: All of this information is subject to change at any time as the situation changes here or abroad. Also, you still need to get there and rules can vary by airline. Here are Air France’s rules for a good baseline.

Be ready to be flexible, watch the news, and be safe out there!

More News

Mask restrictions in France are also loosening up a bit. As of yesterday, you are no longer required to wear a mask outdoors in open spaces. Masks are still required in crowded outdoor spaces such as markets, queues, outdoor events (including inside open-air stadiums), bus stops and busy transit areas, etc. Basically, if you can touch people, wear a mask! There are some regional exceptions–Paris currently isn’t one of them. For an up-to-date list of mask rules, the Local has you covered (pun sorta intended 😉 ).

And strike season is fully upon us. In addition to the planned airport worker strike for early July, several SNCF train unions are planning to strike this Monday, June 21. This will impact some of the RER trains in Paris but not the metro or bus systems, which are run by RATP. There is also a possible larger train strike on July 1 and a planned SNCF union rally on the place de la République June 22.

How do you feel about the frequent transit strikes? Have a good strike story? Let me know below!

That’s all the news for now. Have a great weekend!

À bientôt!


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Eiffel Tower Cover Image: Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash
RER: Photo by Chau Cédric on Unsplash

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